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BraveWolf is a Latin American study focused on the development of software and video games

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Welcome to DarkStory, a MMORPG where you will have a fantastic adventure of action, magic and good friendships

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Our group of professionals is characterized by teamwork and distinguished by their great skills in design, animation and technologies, united by the passion driven by each of the members of the team to create innovation, to offer the best Experience to our users and therefore apply it in any project offered by us.


We strive to provide quality and innovative services to each of our partners, that is why our responsibility and professionalism are our virtue to achieve the objectives with each product delivered.

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If you want to communicate with us to give your opinion, talk about an idea or a project you have in mete, even if you want to be part of our team work. You can send us a message without any obligation.



We are a group of developers united by the passion and creation of innovative, fun and functional ideas, where the goal is to impress, satisfy and solve the problems of our users, either by our games or/or smart solutions for A project specifically..


We also ensure that each creation by the team has its unique, original touch, highlighted by the rest of our main competitors and demonstrate the talent obtained by each of our team members. We want each one of our players or users to get the best experience by using our products and services.

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DarkStory 2D Online

The entertaining ORPG addictive and wonderful

Welcome to DarkStory, a 2d online role-playing game, where you will be awaiting fantastic adventures, magic and good friendships. With hundreds of hours of play and inspired in the style of classic role-playing games, you will immerse yourself in this epic experience where you can conquer dungeons, fly in the sky with a dragon, fight incredible creatures, explore the vast continents with your Friends and much more.

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Mini Games

La Batalla del Nexo

The Battle of the Nexus is a 2d video game for one and two players, is part of a great alien adventure where you must defend the towers of Nexus to the Zetas, described as the most dangerous in the Galaxy, creators of galactic destruction and extinction for Civilizations. There is a great danger on the planet and protecting it is priority is your duty and to deliver the attack of the Zetas in order to return the peace of the galaxy. Join the war and be part of the most powerful warriors of the Navy to defend the attack of the enemies.

Invader House 3D

The invasion is here! And it seems that no one can control it... Invader House 3d is a 3d action game available for a single player, in which you must overcome 5 levels before the threat of pests that took control of a home. Care! Only the bravest can eliminate these plagues since none has managed to escape the Queen bee lodged in the underground cave of the hearth. Join this move adventure to return to normal the family before his house invaded by dangerous plagues.

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