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Patch Notes - November 27th
[Image: 47zT2Vp.png]

  • Now needed coins are shown in every store
  • We added a breathing effect on the characters
  • We have reopened La isla de los Krobis mission in Seldom
  • We relocated buttons in the select character menu
  • Ranking of Krobis mission now shows both players of the party
  • We fixed an issue with using receipts from the inventory and spells bar
  • We fixed and graphic error with the icons used in the combo of Caballero
#Change in Krobis Island
2 persons are required to enter
Enemies receive 50% damage which means they die with 2 hits
Los Krobis Pirata y Marinero now are mixed to confuse the players
Shrines of Mana and Health are shown in the map
Shrine of mana now recovers 100 per instance
I would only hire someone to work for me if I was willing to work for that person

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